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The farm and family

The history of this farm dates back to recent times and developed in the distillery in 1973.

Bruno Franceschini, for fifty years, has owned the distillery, and still manages it with seriousness and dedication. Born in 1939 in Monticolo di San Michele Appiano, in South Tyrol, from bilingual parents, he completed his studies in the Italian school in the city of Bolzano and reached the age of majority he decided in a short time to devote his life to this farm. Strong is therefore the friendship with the German customer, closest to him for the relationship consolidated over time with his sales office.

In recent years, trade has expanded considerably to many countries, not just European ones, which have become the future for the distillery to be developed and achieved.


With dedication, the whole family participates with an important and decisive role in the management of the company, in all production phases. This distillery is certainly a small example of great efficiency for grappa production capacity, above all expectations for quality and annual production. Direct contact with the customer takes place with great availability, also becoming a way to get to know the whole family and collaborators, who have been working with passion for many years.

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We distill only pomace from our nearest territories to process them fresh as soon as they are pressed, without any storage in order to fully preserve all the organoleptic characteristics.

Since distillation is a job that starts in the cellar, in the wineries, with the pressing, the production is concentrated in two periods of the year: September and October with the typical pomace of Bardolino, Lugana and Val d'Agide. In January, February and March with

the prized pomace of Amarone della Valpolicella.


Our distillation processes are two: discontinuous direct steam alembic still for the production of fine grappas, and a bain-marie system, conceived for the distillation of fine grape grappa.


It is also the skill of the master distiller to meticulously take care of all stages of production by separating the less noble alcoholic parts such as “the head” and “the tail”, taking only the most precious heart of the distillate.

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Grappe Serie Prestige

Grappa Serie Limitata 18 anni


Grappa Serie Futura

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Grappe Serie Ampolle

Grappe Serie Classica


Grappa Serie Tulipano


Grappa Serie Frutta

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